with Marlia + Daein Acutonics

What are the gifts of this moment,
and what can they bring forth?

☄️☄️☄️INWARD JOURNEY by Marlia ☄️☄️☄️
All you need to do is just relax and close your eyes…
Reaching this deep relaxation state without sleeping, allows for deep inner exploration to take place, for body integration and astral travel to receive messages, see clearer paths and be in the flow.
Equipped with my voice, handpan, singing bowls, guitar, shruti box, percussion, chimes, flutes, dulcimer, kalimba and bells, these sessions are designed to create a safe space and a state of bliss. In this way we are enhancing the self-regulation of the body, we are tuning the nervous system and affecting the biochemistry to support the healing process.

We have a chance to let go of what doesn’t serve us any more and allow the endless flow of the universe to take its course by letting go of our minds and dropping into our hearts.


☄️☄️☄️ ACUTONICS by Daein ☄️☄️☄️

Acutonics was founded by two women in Washington about 30 years ago.. now moved to New Mexico- combining music theory with eastern medicine using meridian lines… where the {{{vibrations}}} move along your energy lines through the muscles and deep into recalibrating your nervous system and into your organs. Your cells which are always in motion vibrating at a certain frequency have no choice but to harmonize with the tuning forks. The ohms help you focus on getting to the deepest part of yourself, helping to cut the mind chatter- for a deep relaxation helping with anxiety, change in state, insomnia, depression, muscles pains, helping shift migraines to joint issues and even recharging your organs. It’s one thing to understand it theoretically, but another to really {{{feel}}} the experience. The lasting effects feels like ripples continuing after a stone is thrown.. it keeps reverberating after the session and is highly recommended for super sensitive people- as it works on your subtle energy fields and is really refined.

Sound healing Journey

Dienstags, 19:30 – 21:00 Uhr

? Donate what you can to support the musicians
? Essential oils provided for our noses
? Vibrations free-flowing from our voices
? Sacred sounds for our ears
? Ripples created by tuning forks

Bitte melde Dich direkt bei Marlia an: marliaproject@gmail.com